All black lives matter. How about Zwarte Pete’s?

I was chatting with my muse over WhatsApp about the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and this topic inevitably led to talk about positive discrimination. Now I have strong opinions on most subjects, but shockingly enough, positive discrimination is one of the few topics where I am uncertain of my stance  On one hand, being a […]

Becoming an aesthete

Two weeks ago, in one of my numerous conference calls (dear lord they never end!), my cleverest colleague enthusiastically outburst: “I can’t wait to gather all the best HR practices from our clients. There are going to be plenty of innovative practices arising from this lockdown experience.”  She marked a dramatic pause before carrying on:  […]

The love we have for our pets

Three years ago, we got our first baby – an adorable cat. We went to pick him up in a village located in the Dutch bible belt. It might be surprising that such a place exists in this country well known for its legalized drugs and red light districts. Yet in these flat lands everyone […]

3 things that I have learned during the lockdown

As I am putting down these words, you need to know that my daughter is behind me, on her two feet like a wobbly little lemur, screaming. Not all too different from pre-lockdown life, but so very different at the same time. I will continue writing this article, utterly unperturbed, because this is the kind […]

Tiger King’s morality

It was a Saturday evening. It was 8 pm. Our daughter was asleep and my partner and I decided to spice up our life by watching Netflix. And we did what everyone does these days: we watched Tiger king.  There is something highly addictive about this show. Tiger king: the show  I am completely taken […]

Baby describes her lockdown

These are strange times we live in. If my one-year-old daughter were to describe her new life in confinement, I am certain it would go something like this: “I used to go to the nursery 4 days a week because mummy and daddy had to go to work. I always thought that work was something pretty and fun […]


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